Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is the most played song at funerals in the United Kingdom.

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Turns out there are still people making web browsers that aren't based on WebKit or Gecko. Here's an article about a browser called Flow:

GitHub - TerryCavanagh/VVVVVV: The source code to VVVVVV, now open and public!

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Vous avez peut-être raté l'information ce matin, mais le CFP Best of Web 2020 est ouvert ! Débutants ou confirmés, venez nous proposer vos REX, vos découvertes techniques, vos techniques CSS de folie, votre nouveau langage qui va révolutionner le web !

Hi fellow keyboard lovers,

Does an Ergodox fits someone with small hands ?

I'm looking at Ergodox, Atreus and Redox

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