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What happens in Google Android's message and the dialer apps?

In short: each time you send a message or call someone, Google knows about it.

No way to opt out, users not informed, #GDPR infrigment.

Use /e/OS!

Read the research paper 👇👇👇

#privacy #degoogled #smartphones #android #mydataisMYdata #opensource

Thanks to Professor Dough Leith at Trinity College Dublin

On continue avec #Google ?

Google a déjà par le passé retiré de ses résultats les sites "pirates" (ceux qui distribuent la culture gratuitement, comme The Pirate Bay) sur injonction.

La nouveauté ? Google semble maintenant supprimer ces sites des résultats de sa propre initiative, sans la moindre décision judiciaire ou injonction.
Google caresse les industriels de la culture dans le sens du poil.

Okay, so: German court decided on Jan. 20th 2022 that sites will need to host Google fonts locally.

Visitors are otherwise entitled to receive 100€ in recompensation for Google fonts transferring IP numbers to Google servers.
Google uses fonts to track users, especially if they are logged into only one other server, where stored personal data might identify them.

Court decision text in German (Landgericht München)

#google #tracking #fonts #liability #germany #funny

🎉 Candidat·e à SonarSource ? Voici quelques questions à poser qui peuvent t'être utiles.

“Qu’est-ce que le Web3 selon vous?

Aral Balkan: C’est simple, c'est du bullshit”

My interview (in French) for L’ADN magazine.

#web3 #web0

web0 manifesto

“…web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit.”

Sign your name and join me in starting the year as you mean to go on: without tolerating any bullshit.

Happy New Year! :)

#web0 #SmallWeb #SmallTech

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